Manager Overview#

OpenSPP Overview


Programs, sometimes also called a campaign, define a social program. A program is defining when, what and how beneficiaries receive entitlements. In itself, a program does not do much. The power comes through the use of "managers", which define the journey of beneficiaries in a program.

Currently, few types of programs are supported:

  • Cash transfer

  • Mobile money

  • Voucher

  • Voucher for restricted cash


Cycles represent a distribution cycle.


A beneficiary is a registrant that is part of a program/cycle.


There are different types of managers that define how programs and cycles work. Each manager type has a defined programming API that needs to be implemented in order to define how the system will work.

For all the managers, a default implementation is designed to support the most common use cases. You can easily add your managers if those do not fit your needs.

The available managers are:

Type of payment instruments#

Cash Transfer#

STATUS: Work In Progress.

OpenSPP can generate payment lists that can be shared with a bank to verify or execute transfers.

Mobile money#


Voucher program#

OpenSPP can generate nominative vouchers in batches ready to be printed.

The design of the vouchers can be customized by updating the voucher template.


If you plan to accept vouchers and do not plan to verify them with the server at the time of accepting then you should think about what security features you need to implement to avoid having them being duplicated.

We recommend the use of online verification when the voucher is received or the use of secure paper.

Voucher for restricted cash programs#

Vouchers can be used in conjunction with Odoo POS to provide restricted cash solutions. A merchant can use the Odoo POS to record what is distributed against a given voucher.