Installation Guide#

Installing using Docker for development#

Quick start#

You need to have Docker and docker-compose installed on your system. You also need to have Python installed and pip packages invoke and pre-commit.

$ git clone
$ invoke develop img-pull img-build git-aggregate resetdb start

Then open http://localhost:15069/ in your browser.

For more details, see OpenSPP Docker Readme file.

Installing for production#

Using OpenSPP Cloud (Coming soon)#

The easiest way to get a OpenSPP server is by using OpenSPP's Cloud.

OpenSPP Cloud provides fast OpenSPP servers with regular feature updates, automatic security patches, daily backups, uptime management, enterprise security, and guaranteed support on any issues.

By choosing OpenSPP Cloud, you are also directly supporting future development on OpenSPP and helping make it better for everyone.

Contact us if you want to get early access.